Nail Fungus Remedy

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Cornmeal, like honey, is said to have natural anti-fungal properties to fight even the toughest toenail fungus quite well.

Many advocates claim that cornmeal & honey alleviates the pain and discomfort of nail fungus. We have added 1000 mg of Propolis as a natural antibiotic to fight against infection that can come with nail fungus and keep the skin and nail healthy. Propolis is a resin from trees which is collected by honeybees, and it is said to be a 'natural antibiotic' with no side effects. Flavonoids in propolis are believed to be the reason for propolis' benefits. With continued use, it is claimed to be able to penetrate the nail and fight the fungus directly which allows infected nails to grow.

We use only organic cornmeal, raw honey crystals, and fresh propolis powder in our Cornmeal & Honey Remedy with Propolis, to ensure you are getting the best. We have combined the cornmeal with raw honey crystals and propolis powder to make it easy to treat toenail fungus. To create the cornmeal & honey remedy, just follow the simple instructions on back of bottle.  8 oz 

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