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VeneX® Ointment Anti-inflammatory preparation containing 
Grade I bee venom, pure essential oils in water-soluble base.

Indications in literature of bee venom include:

 - chronic neuritis

 - degenerative arthropathy

 - functional disturbances of muscles, ligaments & tendinous insertions

 - lumbago

 - muscle warming prior to & during sport activities

 - myalgia

 - neuralgia

 - peripheral circulatory disturbances

 - sciatica

 - subchronic and chronic polyarthritis

 - sport injuries

 Some additional uses of VeneX comes from customers using it as a Beauty Mask to rejuvenate the skin and hide wrinkles, similar to a Botox treatment.

 A typical application is that a small amount of the VeneX Ointment is added to a night cream and applied on the face. The ratios of the VeneX Ointment and night cream are 1:5 to 1:10. In this concentration the cream can be left on the face over night and washed off next morning. Two weeks of continuous use with a one week break between applications is recommended. Avoid contact with eyes.


Customer feedback:

" One of the biggest things I hear from my clients is that they are mixing a small amount of the VeneX Ointment with a night cream and "it makes the under skin pulsate and then turns it pink" (which shows the circulation) which of course is producing blood flow to the cells and stimulates the cells."

"makes the skin alive, softer, more vibrant and "silky soft"

In 2005, a trial study was conducted by Andrew Kochan, MD, concerning the skin reactions of 6 different bee venom creams available. 19 volunteers were asked to document the different skin reactions of each of the 6 creams, from 0=no reaction to 4=bright red skin reaction with stinging, burning, possible swelling.



Product                      Ave. Score

#1        Nectar Balm (New Zealand)  0.26

#2        Apireven (Romania)   2.42

#3        Forapin E Salbe (Germany)   2.53

#4        VeneX (Canada)        3.34

#5        Bees-in-a-Bottle (USA)    0.16


It must be emphasized that the degree of skin reaction does not necessarily correlate with the clinicial result that would be obtained by applying a cream to the area of a joint and rubbing it in.

Journal of the American Apitherapy Society,

Vol 12, No 3, 2005, Sept

5 Stars
Surprisingly Effective
I tried the Venex Bee Venom ointment to see if it could help with nerve damage in my feet and right knee. Although it is not a miracle cure, it IS surprisingly effective. Every three to four days I rub some onto both of my feet and right kneecap and experience mild tingling/warming within a few minutes. Although this definitely doesn't remove all of the pain, it helps a great deal while the ointment is on and the effects linger for days even after the ointment has been washed away. Be patient with this--and don't expect a miracle or instant cure--to ensure you're pleased with the results.
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Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma City. on 8/28/2015
5 Stars
VeneX Ointment
10 stars!! And 2 thumbs up to Dancing Bees Acres. I have to restrain myself to keep my review under 10,000 words! So I'll cut to chase: Three or four years ago I was diagnosed with a nasty case of stenosis in my cervical vertebrae. Just to drive a car I was having to move my whole upper torso in order to look behind me in either direction. It felt like the beginning of the end. I was in my 50s, and sill led an active and somewhat athletic life. A friend of mine, Angelique, had been exposed to bee venom therapy through her acupuncturist who had received training in it. (Angelique had gone thru full-blown venom therapy for quite severe carpal tunnel syndrome ["I woke up every night sobbing!!!"]. The therapy, which included injections of venom around her wrists, was successful and she avoided surgery.) She proposed that we try Venex on my neck. I figured what the heck. When she first applied it it stung like hell! Angelique's nasty side came out big time, cackling as the nape of my neck turn bright red and I went thru my repertoire of explatives "This is good! This is really good!!" I literally was seconds away from running into the shower to wash it off. But the pain began to dissipate. Angelique applied the Venex to my neck for three or four days in a row, I think just once a day. I swear, with Mama Nature as my witness, by the end of the week I had essentially full range of motion and no pain. I know this sounds like a crock, but ever since then I have recounted my experiences with Venex to countless people, both friends, family, medical practitioners (of the Western persuasion), and to people I have just met. Predictably, few have taken me seriously. (I mean: Really? Bee venom? Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say.) But whenever I experience a flare up I use the ointment. For these three or four years I have never had an episode that Venex did not apparently clear up. There have been times when it took close to a week of daily applications to get the desired result. Once the episode is over I don't apply it until I experience a recurrent tightness or pain. So one tube usually lasts me at least a month. But even so I have no scientifically derived empirical evidence to say that Venex is absolutely the one variable that has made all the difference; maybe the inflammation and pain would ebb and flow naturally in any case. But it seems completely unlikely to me that applying the ointment would consistently coincide with a natural cycle of pain/no pain. At this point, at worst I feel some mild discomfort -- no longer pain -- when I use it. And somehow I welcome that burning sensation because I always anticipate relief within a few days. (Note that different parts of my body experience the application sensation differently; when I try it for other ailments some places are more sensitive than others. BTW, my stenosis is the only ailment I'm confident is helped by the Venex.) I do neck stretches throughout the day, sometimes do self-message, and will often run the hot shower on the pain site. I'm also cognizant of how I sleep -- which is 99% of the time on my back with no pillow. But I will say that I don't think that there's enough bee venom in the world to treat my stenosis well enough that I could ever paint a ceiling again... I am thrilled that, thanks to Angelique, I have found Venex (full strength). It's not just hyperbole to say that it has changed my life. I would never consider traveling without it, and I always try to have a fresh tube on reserve. I assume that bees are killed in the process of harvesting the venom, and I wish this weren't the case, particularly with the catastrophic decline in their population. And if you become a regular user I hope you do your part to somehow offset relying on this one natural resource. But despite this caveat, I choose to use it, firmly convinced that my quality of life would suffer dramatically without it. I know -- I sound shady and absurd... "Am I complicit? If I have to be shady and absurd to get out a good word about this product, then I'm complicit.." Gil G. San Francisco school teacher and fan of late-nite TV comedy (I have received no compensation in any form for writing this review.)
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Reviewed by:  from San Francisco. on 4/12/2017
5 Stars
Senior Program Analyst
Love the Venex bee venom! Not sure how it works, but it really helps my upper back and neck. I realize that it's not a cure for my back issues, but it helps to relieve the intense pain, which in turn helps me to relax. Wonderful product.
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Reviewed by:  from Mercer, PA. on 6/2/2015
5 Stars
I use this ointment to relieve the neuralgia resulting from shingles. It works as a counter-irritant and is very effective in providing temporary relief. I have tried numerous remedies, all kinds of creams, gels, ointments, salves, oils, etc. and have found this Venex the most effective, though not as a cure. But nothing so far has cured this neuralgia; I have tried injections of various substances, acupuncture, homeopathy, cayenne, freezing and even actual bee stings of live bees - really, apart from cutting my head off, I seem to have run the gamut of attempted cures, without success. Now I have to rely on Old Father Time to help me out. But meanwhile, I like Venex, which generally stings and reddens the skin, so one gets the impression that the ointment is at least trying, and then I feel better! By the way, It is less expensive on this site than anywhere else.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles CA. on 6/16/2016
5 Stars
Bee venom cream
This is the second time I have bought and used this cream. It's very powerful and does help stop arthritis pain. The numbing effect begins very quickly and a little goes a long way.
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Reviewed by:  from Dover. on 3/28/2018

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