Apixin Cream

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Apixin Cream is a multicomponent and dual action cream for the temporary relief of pain and soreness of joints and muscles, lower back, neck, shoulder, arthritis, muscle strain, bruises and sprains. Within a few minutes of applying it produces a mild cooling effect in the tissues and shortly after this sensation is replaced by a warming effect. It has a cool menthol, spicy and floral scent. 
Preferred indications are chronic neuritis, degenerative arthropathic, functional disturbances of muscles, ligaments and tendinous insertions, lumbago, muscle warming prior to and during sport activities, gout, myalgia, neuralgia, peripheral circulatory disturbances, sciatica, sub chronic polyarthritis and sports injuries. Pain relief is not immediate and typically is evident within a few days to a week after starting the treatment. .7fl oz (20ml)

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